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have an anti-keylogger/keystroke encryption featur

An antikeylogger or keystroke encryption sort of feature for web browsers can be implemented in the new browser protect feature IMF 5 has. This should encrypt all sort of keystroke through browser & if possible on desktop like those of kernel- and desktop-based keyloggers. Recently I was going through GuardedID keystroke encryption software by Strikeforce manual & I liked the idea of that being implemented at browser traffic level.

A beta test feature can be implemented in upcoming IMF 5 versions on solely browser traffic keystroke encryption. IMF also installs one IObit safesearch browser extn so this antikeylogger/keystroke encryption feature can be integrated with that too.

Thank you;
D Rakshit

D Rakshit , 01.05.2017, 16:24
Idea status: under consideration


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